10 Responses to “Dad in Fort Lauderdale, 1967”

  1. denny

    That’s cousin Johnny playing qith a battery operated, fuzzy, hopping dog…., I was most likely getting my diaper changed as we were all getting ready to go out on the town. We had some good times in Fort Lauderdale. My mom has a memory that could blow us all out of the water. She provides much info for these family photo commentaries.

  2. BeeJay

    Always love to see old family pics from you, Denny. Your Dad looks so gorgeous, it´s him you got your beautiful eyes from.

  3. Celiene

    Agree – total hottie! And – there’s that dog again! I have to post a pic of mine! But it’s a wind-up bouncy dog. Still works perfectly.

  4. Celiene

    If he put his glasses on – he’d look just like Denny with blonde hair! I’l posting the little pup just now! Can I post a Vid? I can take one of him romping all over the floor!

    • Allee Willis

      People post videos here all the time but they aren’t hosted here. So you’d have to put it on YouTube or somewhere else and include the link in your post. Then when I publish your post I take a screenshot of the video, make it look playable, and when someone clicks it it goes to wherever you’ve posted it. Pup please!