8 Responses to “Jewish Pizza”

          • windupkitty

            aaahahahah!!! i’ve probably told this story, but since the inevitable is happening (turning into my dad as i get older, that is) i will repeat it…only time i’ve ever had gefilte fish in front of me was at a friend’s house for seder..everyone took one bite (i was spared being vegetarian) and politely put down their forks…the chef took a nibble and agreed…not edible! so everyone happily scraped their plates into the dog dish at which point, the dog sniffed it and dove in head first and rolled in it smearing it all over, yes, the linoleum…and she never did eat it…

            • Allee Willis

              I know it’s an acquired taste but maybe you’ve never had great gefilte fish. I even love the jars of Mother’s gf they sell in the supermarkets. Horseradish a necessary condiment.

              • windupkitty

                yeah, could be…and won’t since it’s not made outta plants…i am in full support of horesradish though!