Yes, I’m back!! LIVE, for 2 nights only!!

Submitted by Allee Willis April 4th, 2012
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Yes, though one might find it hard to believe after my last foray into reclaiming the stage, I’m hitting it again in my new, improved and sans-the-idiot-tech-guy show, Allee Willis’ Super Ball Bounce Back Review!  Two nights only, Tuesday and Wednesday, May 8 & 9 at King King in Hollywood. Lots of music, visual treats, stories, dance, games, all the hi-art-meets-kitsch mayhem you know me for PLUS MORE!!  And many things I’ve never attempted before. And did I mention prizes? So I hope I see you at Allee Willis’ Super Ball Bounce Back Review May 8 or 9 at King King!


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10 Responses to “Yes, I’m back!! LIVE, for 2 nights only!!”

  1. denny

    Excited to be working your show again, sans the idiot tech guy.

    Hey Wind-Up, get ready, here we go again!

    Can’t wait for the show and can’t wait to see everyone too!

  2. Mod Betty

    Can’t belive we’re gonna miss this by just a few days!!! Please tell us you’ll be at Stately Willis Mansion sometime from 5/17 – 20th so we can make a pilgrimage.

    Rooting for your triumphant return from here on the east coast!

  3. denny

    Is anyone on thread coming to the show? A few more days and Little D flys out to LA.


    Can’t wait for the show!

    GO AW!!!!