Submitted by k2dtw April 5th, 2012
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WOW!!!…8Oth Anniversary!!!   The Kit-Cat Clock is having a Birthday!!!
They started the 2012 Anniversary Celebration with a Kit-Cat Clock Float in the Pasadena Rose Bowl Parade!!!
So cool…as part of the celebration, they are asking proud owners to post a picture of their own clock in their Kit-Cat Hall of Fame!!..
Allee don’t you have a Kit-Cat Clock??  When I saw the site, it made me wonder how many AWMOK aKitschionados own a Kit-Cat clock??  Doesn’t Michael Ely have one???…Kooky Kitsch???   You are so lucky to own one, I used to see them all the time???
There is info on how to date your Kit-Cat…
The California Clock Co. from Portland Oregon?…huh??…made their first clock 1932!!   The clocks from 1930’s-1950’s have “Two” Paws, the clocks made after that have “Four” Paws and a Bow Tie..  Most clocks sold since the 1980’s have batteries.
From Ebay…here is one of the sweet 1930’s “Two” Paws….WOW!!!

7 Responses to “HAPPY 80th ANNIVERSARY KIT-CAT CLOCK!!…”

  1. Allee Willis

    Look at that face!!!! These are timeless. And SO deserving of a parade!!

    Yes, I have one, tho dead for years. But it’s an oldie, not a repro.

    Love that there’s an easy guide to dating them.