4 Responses to “Satin Clint Eastwood”

  1. Allee Willis

    Did you ever post this on my Facebook page? This looks so familiar; I know I freaked out about it before.

    The hair kills me. Why the same treatment was given to the shirt and why it comes to a point on either end is nutty.

    I love how Clint’s hair comes down almost all the way to his chin. And really dig that flabby skin on his left jowl.

    Where was this and do you know what it was going for?

    I know theres another cushion here at AWMOK that looks like it was made by the same person, either or Streisand or Raquel Welch or someone like that but I can’t find it when I search. It will dawn on me one day and I will report back in. In the meantime, this pillow would look nice on a couch sitting under this: https://www.alleewillis.com/awmok/kitschenette/2010/07/22/barbra-meets-goldfinger/

  2. Cheetah Velour

    I did post this on your Facebook page, but I just got around to sharing it here at AWMOK.

    I spotted this at the monthly flea market in Alameda, CA. I don’t know how much it was going for, but all I really wanted was a snapshot anyway…and seeing it here at AWMOK? PRICELESS!!!

  3. Cheetah Velour

    Clint Eastwood fun facts: he was born in San Francisco and graduated from Oakland Technical High School. I think this flea market find is a lovely tribute to one the Bay Area’s native sons.