The Wackiest Glasses I Have Ever Seen

Submitted by Nessa April 14th, 2012
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It’s that time again… time for a new pair of glasses.  I’m blind as can be without them, and my current pair is glued together in two places… so it’s time to go glasses shopping.  (Plus I need a stronger prescription.)

I thought you all might like to see a pair I tried on… the craziest pair of glasses I have ever seen in my life..

I like them a lot, but I’d probably get fired if I tried to wear them to work… so sadly, I don’t own them. =(

11 Responses to “The Wackiest Glasses I Have Ever Seen”

    • Nessa

      I haven’t decided on a pair as of yet, I’m determined to get a pair with rhinestones, though, hehe. You can bet I’ll add that to my list of things to see when/if I ever make it out to LA.

    • MyFunCloset

      Mark, thanks for sharing this eyewear site. Just added site to my favorite’s list. How accurate is the prescription & sizing. Good quality? Stands behind their work? I’m game!

      • Mark Milligan

        You get what you pay for, I won’t buy anymore rimless, but the plastic frames are pretty sturdy. Lens strength great in all 4 pair, they want you to measure the distance between pupils which is hard to do alone but not impossible, I found a clear plastic ruler that I can look through in the mirror.

        • Nessa

          Also any glasses store or your eye doctor can generally give you your pupillary distance for free. I was also looking at the site They have a flat rate for their glasses and give a free pair to charity for every pair you purchase. They will also pay if someone charges you to measure the distance between your pupils or to adjust your frames. Plus you can try on 5 pairs at home at a time for free, which I did, it was a nice deal.

  1. Bob Ramsdell

    On a photo site I am a member of, I have a self portrait with a pair of glasses I made by taking a pair of cheap glasses and attaching two CD’s with crazy glue. The holes are arranged so I can see out of them. In the picture, I am also wearing a baseball cap sideways to ad to the ridiculessness of the concept. I may try to copy the picture from the site (photoSIG)