Vintage Arcade Games (from a friend’s personal collection)

Submitted by denny April 15th, 2012
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Went for a visit to see a friend here on the Cape.  The collections in my friends house were completely overwhelming to me.  I started to get dizzy and almost broke out into a sweat.  I think that’s called “plotzing”.  Well, yes, I did plotz when I saw some of these machines.

I believe this is a “21” machine but don’t quite get the significance of the marbles.  I think this is pretty incredible and I do love most vintage arcade games.  I guess these are early versions of what soon became video bar top games?

I think you were rewarded by gum.  That little dish looks as if it says “gum”.  Love the shape and everything about this one.

Beautiful, reminds me of a bumble-bee.  I love bumble-bees.

What kills me about this one is that if you line up all pieces of the rider and his horse, you hit the jackpot.  It’s rare when they all line up and when my friend had company, someone messed with the game and spiun teh wheels un-aligning the jockey and his horse.

6 Responses to “Vintage Arcade Games (from a friend’s personal collection)”

  1. Lisa Rios

    Denny, is this the same friend that has the amazing record players? Is it too late to have him adopt you!?! Incredible collection!

  2. BeeJay

    Denny, is this the same friend who owns the robot gumball machine? SO jealous! Such beautiful stuff, I´m flippin´!

  3. denny

    Bettina, you would have an absolute COW if you saw his house and his wonderfully arranged AMAZING tin toys.

    What really flips me out is that e owns vintage circus, sideshow banners. They are beautiful.