Vintage Robot “inspired” Gum Ball Machine

Submitted by denny April 17th, 2012
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This belongs to a friend of mine who was gracious enough to let me photograph some of their kitsch and collectables.  I believe this emits a robot-like speaking voice when you drop a coin in for a gum ball.  I love it and love how it’s a space rocket and part space man, it’s like a combo deal here.

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  1. Richard Brezner

    Thanks, Dennis! Allee….the machine is mine. Dennis and I had a wonderful visit last week (he lives about 10 minutes from me). The machine is called “Mouthy Marvin”. He has a record player inside of him & when you deposit a coin, the record revolves and he says one of several “space” sayings….Unfortunately, he seems to have gone momentarily mute or has indigestion. I have to have him “serviced” (not in the unnatural sense of the word!!!) to get him to start talking again. There are fresh cinnamon & fruit flavored gumballs in him at the moment and the manufacturer is NORTHWESTERN in Morris, Illinois. In person, he’s much taller, coming in at about 46″ high, has a shaft, metal “legs” with hidden wheels, & round red plastic ears as well that look like bicycle reflectors. Lots of love from Cape Cod! R