4 Responses to “Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – Calling all Detroiters: Come to Mumford tonight!!”

  1. RichardT

    Hey you should be trending on Twitter soon in Detroit courtesy the Mysterious Force, we have a lot in common. I first got on the Internet in 1991 as well. In fact the public internet was sort of launched from Detroit overcoming a big Catch 22 sort of thing. I even involved the Ford assembly line technique to build computers. Detroit Auto Dealers association and the International Hockey League first two clients. Link to a amazing true story : ) http://iamblogging.net/INSIGHT/archives/2012/01/the_cincinnati.html

    • Allee Willis

      Thank you so much for coming tonight, last night actually but I’m so high from the event it still feels like tonight. I will definitely check out that link as soon as I have time to concentrate. But just wanted to say I really appreciate you showing up as well as spreading the word on Twitter.

    • Allee Willis

      It was SERIOUSLY unbelievable. Kids were so adorable. I had an absolute BALL. Tons of my high school friends were there, which made it even better. All the teachers had such spirit too. So happy to do it for Mumford and the D. Will be hard to sleep tonight, and I better jump into bed right now as I get my big award from the city tomorrow, though I guess it already is tomorrow, so I get my Spirit of Detroit award today. Hopefully I’ll have time to post a few photos and when I get back to LA next week I’ll definitely be blogging about. Really really a total thrill! of course, wish you were there.