Googly Eyed Koala Sweater

Submitted by Cheetah Velour April 25th, 2012
Certifikitsch Winner

Last month I found the greatest sweater in the world down at the flea market. A perfect fit, only $5, with GENUINE GOOGLY EYES. What’s not to love?

Here’s a picture of me wearing it right off the rack. This sweater is 100% wool and heavy, so I was only able to wear it for about 5 seconds before yanking it off in the California sun.

The tag states that it was made in New Zealand. I’m pretty sure there are no koalas in New Zealand.

If only I could meet the owner of the Racoon Jumper. I know we’d be the best of friends.

3 Responses to “Googly Eyed Koala Sweater”

  1. Allee Willis

    Only took one look at this gorgeous Googly Eyed Koala Sweater to know that I’m jealous as hell! And the fact that he’s playing a guitar amps up the jealousy.

    I really want the raccoon jumper too!

    You look so happy in the sweater I hope we all feel that kind of joy as we go through our koala-less day today.