Portobello Market, London

Submitted by shirlie williams April 26th, 2012
Certifikitsch Winner

On Saturday my daughter Wendy and I went up to London and visited Portobello Market, it was as expected very crowded, but the sun shone and I managed to make one purchase.

There are lots of antique shops, very expensive ,I was more interested in the detail of the facade.

Wonderful old veg store ,run by the same family for years.

My days purchase , Wendy and I modelling them !

Below is a delightful gentleman, taking a rest with his dog Mitzi, she is 15 and spends all her time draped across his shoulders, even when he cooks…

4 Responses to “Portobello Market, London”

  1. Allee Willis

    Love this post from you, as I always love your posts because you do such excellent documentation.

    The 2nd photo of the mannequin in the red tux shirt kills me. So completely perfect. Of course, he doesn’t look anywhere near as good as you and Wendy do modeling your new fashions. He would actually make a great date for both of you.

    And that last photo of the old doggie sitting on her master’s shoulders kills me too. One of my kitties likes to sit on my shoulder and she doesn’t weight a third as much as Mitzi does. My back’s been hurting for years because I won’t make her move. I can only imagine what this guy’s spine feels like accommodating Mitzi!

    I went to Portobello Market once, when I was in England in 1979. I was supposed to be writing with Michael Jackson in the states but my publisher convinced me it would be better if I went to England and write with some of their writers there. I was miserable the whole time because the writers were all unknown, I was definitely being used to pump up the publisher’s volume, and I missed my chance to write with Michael Jackson. Portobello Market was the only thing that saved my psyche (though I did much better at Camden Locke).

    • shirlie williams

      I have not been to Camden for ages since I got stuck in a crowd on people on the underground one xmas, very unpleasant , but it a great place to browse and rummage.

      Mitzi owner was a bit bent over…one of my cats Miss Mabel has to sit under my chin whenever I am sat down, I have permanent fur up my nose..

  2. Douglas Wood

    Brings back many fond memories of times I’ve spent on Portobello Road through the years. I always buy those wonderful old illustrated tobacco cards there. Allee– I was also in London in 1979– I like to think that maybe our paths crossed at Portobello Road while both perusing kitsch.