More Pixieware!!!

Submitted by Nessa May 16th, 2012
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FANTASTIC find this morning at the yard sales, two pieces of Pixieware by Holt Howard for only $5!!!  I was almost shaking as I handed over my cash.  The Mayonnaise has a pretty bad break, but still.. $5!  The Jam’n Jelly actually has the lid for the Sugar bowl.  However, I ordered the base for the sugar bowl online as soon as I got home for only $10.  So, I’ll have a complete sugar soon.  I should be able to find the correct lid for the Jam’n Jelly online if I’m patient.

Mayo.. sloppy glue on his neck.. I might be able to re-break and re-glue to make it look better.

Sugar lid on Jelly body.

Broken spoons, but at least they are complete and can be glued.

Sugar (on Jelly body) with my Ketchup.

Mustard and Mayo.

My whole collection!  Today was my lucky day!  I love Pixieware!!!  I’ll photo Sugar again when her new body gets here.  Same goes for Jam’n Jelly if I find a proper lid.

11 Responses to “More Pixieware!!!”

  1. Allee Willis

    Wow, wow, wow! The thought of getting 2 pieces of Holt Howard for only $5 is unfathomable in this day and age. Congratulations!

    The whole set together looks fantastic. I’ve always loved that the heads of the mustard and ketchup were colored appropriately. I’ve also never discriminated if something was cracked and repaired. I am most impressed at the girth of the set! Also, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen the cream crock before.

    • Nessa

      Thanks for the Camembert! The craziest thing about this is that the set had a yellowed piece of paper taped to it that said “Pixieware, $100.” And I was like “Oh noooo…” because there was no way I was going to spend $100 on cracked Pixieware. Then the lady said “I’ll give you those for $5.” and I almost passed out.

  2. mike winer

    I know that shaking feeling – great hunting – and to think they were still there so late – The mighty bric-a-brac gods must have wanted you to have them

      • BeeJay

        Adorable stuff, I love it all! I recently spotted a ceramic hay fever pill container from Holt Howard I´ve never seen before. On Top it had a bouncing spiral with a grumpy and ill looking head attached to it, the container itself was lightblue, maybe you can find it in your book. I flipped when I saw this, but it seems to be utterly rare, it was about $600 :O
        His cat pieces are my favorites, I SO want that napkin holder with kitty salt and pepper.

        • Nessa

          There was a set of six Pill Bottles with spring heads from Davar. I think they came all together, I’m not sure they were sold separately The Holt Howard book from 2007 values them at about $85 – $95 a piece, but really Holt Howard/Davar stuff is all over the market and I’ve seen stuff go for much more and much less than the prices listed in this book… $600 seems a little ridiculous though.