Cat Cafe

Submitted by shirlie williams May 19th, 2012
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This is Cafe Neko,a new Cafe in Vienna , home to 5 cats from the local animal shelter. I would be there everyday, the cats look happy and well cared for , and Im sure love the constant attention.

The cafe is owned  by Takako Ishimitsu, and is the first cat cafe in Vienna.

I love the video, tea, cake and cats what more could you want..

4 Responses to “Cat Cafe”

  1. Gilles Snowcat

    It’s nice to see Neko Café’s coming to Europe. It’s a popular concept in Asia. I’ve tried 2 in Japan and 1 in Vietnam, it’s an amazing place to relax and talk with the staff, the staff being the cats. I wrote a few words about the Vietnamese one here:

    Ah there’s a controversy in Japan about Neko Café : the authorities want to close the cafés at 8pm, in order to protect the cats from overwork. But the owners say that it’s after 8pm that the cats are the most active and happy to meet customers. Moreover, Japanese salarymen who work late and want to relax before coming home want the Neko Café’s to stay open late.

    How is it in Vienna?

  2. windupkitty

    Oh WOW!! LOVE this!! What a great way to get kitties adopted too!!! Adoption fairs are so stressful for cats, so for them to be acclimated to a homey environment like this, it could be wonderful for finding them new homes! I wonder how we could get around the health codes here….hmmmmm….