Not Stinky, but Sticky

Submitted by windupkitty May 20th, 2012
Certifikitsch Winner

Somehow the choice of adjective was enough to make this kitsch for me. Not to mention that they bothered to add flies and “smell waves” in the background. Found this in Old China Town in LA, didn’t buy it despite the obvious appeal…

3 Responses to “Not Stinky, but Sticky”

  1. Allee Willis

    Now you know I want to know where in LA Chinatown this was. Not that I am anxious to have a bunch of Sticky Shit in my house, but the fact that a store carries something named this explicitly means that I have to spend a day sniffing through their inventory. I have a couple of restaurants in Chinatown that I love any excuse to go to and this is exactly the kind of shit that will lead me there.

    • windupkitty

      Wow, I can’t remember which store, but it was on the side of the square that has the bright pinkish pagoda…Maybe it was Sincere Imports? I can’t remember…I do remember that the smell of moth balls was so strong, I had to get out! They had a lot of stuff in there, not much of which I thought was so great, but this fit the bill for a photo! I LOVE finding new China Towns to explore. San Francisco has a pretty good one, but I rarely eat in the restaurants since the vegetarian/vegan thing is not usually an option. I have a hard time with dead animals hanging in windows :/

  2. BeeJay

    One of my early boyfriends had a piece of plastic shit like this glued on his skateboard. Other boys at this age were so jealous, LOL!