More Albertville, Alabama

Submitted by Julie Brumlik May 26th, 2012
Certifikitsch Winner

Happy to report that Albertville Alabama has bounced back from tornados of 2010 and 2011. Nothing has changed.

Rock + Roll, Auction, Gospel Singing, Pro Wrestling

Jerry the King, Road Dog, Bubba Ritos adorn Dr. Pepper machine.

Please No, Sorry No

Bible covers, $5.95

Camouflage Bible Cover

Begathon: TV evangelist in gold lamé Elvis suit prays for 1000 Christian farmers to sow $1000 each to seed his Inspiration Ministries: “As you bring Him your special offering you will experience a new dimension of Covenant Living with the Lord, confidently trusting that your amazing season of miracles and blessings is at hand!”

One Response to “More Albertville, Alabama”

  1. Allee Willis

    First of all, I love that there would be gospel singing at an auction. Talk about two things that would get me to a place fast…!

    I love that wrestling is still so alive in Albertville. Probably THE big event in town, no?

    I have never heard of a store not allowing spit cups. Actually, I’ve never heard of spit cups.

    The selection of Bible covers is quite impressive. I’ve never seen a store where they actually had its own vast section. The camo ones kill me. Beautiful signage in Albertville as well! I know I would go insane in the best way possible inside that store.

    Any evangelist in a shiny gold Elvis suit is okay by me ( as long as you know what you’re getting).

    You know I always love seeing what’s going on in Albertville: Please keep them coming.