Frency Singing Family Goes Cowboy – La Famille Dessureault Record Album

Submitted by Mod Betty May 29th, 2012
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When I saw the purple clad cowboy family (bare midriff ? check. Purple cowboy hat? check. Unflattering doubleknit polyester slacks? check!) crowded around a stagecoach in the middle of a farm field I was curious. When I saw that the record album was entirely in french, I just had to buy this record album by La Famille Dessureault De S. Tite, at the Salvation Army store in Centredale RI this past weekend:

Now I haven’t taken french in ages, but I’m thinking the title means something like “when the sun says hello to the mountains”  and from a quick Google search it looks like this family was from Quebec.

And I think the Google translation sums them up better than I could:

The few existing courses deserve our interest even more. Beatlettes of the too-brief career to the Bangles and Go-Frets other more recent years, the contribution of these musicians has contributed to the diversity of the soundscape. The Sisters remain and Dessureault, ten years after the end of the band, an orchestra to the course the most impressive: thirty-year career without a personnel change, there’s something to be proud!


I want to be a Beatlette! It appears that the patriarch, Clement, died in 1976 and this family band became a strictly sister act.

Of course I had to listen to the music, and it actually isn’t that bad- though since they sing all in french I can’t tell if they’re singing about the wide open plains, thoug there is a song called Cowgirl Tyrolienne, as well as a cover of that universal hit The Beer Barrel Polka. Reminding me that I want to learn how to polka, of course.
A fun find for sure!

3 Responses to “Frency Singing Family Goes Cowboy – La Famille Dessureault Record Album”

  1. Allee Willis

    Beautiful!! Worth whatever you paid for it to find out that these gals referred to themselves as Beatlettes!!! Tell me one thing about this cover that says ” Beatles”….

    These outfits are so inspired I can’t even stand it. I wonder which one of the girls stayed up all week sewing them? They had to of been so excited when they found the matching hats.

    I wonder if they had special outfits when the family got together every Christmas. Imagine the caroling…

    • Mod Betty

      Oh and Obvs I mean to write French, not Frency but I guess they are kinda Frenchy! I think they must’ve had quite a few matching outfits. Some of us gals here in Phoenixville are thinking of doing some doo-wop backup singing for Blobfest, so I’m all about the matching outfits and choreography at the moment – perhaps I’ll look to these gals for inspiration!

  2. BRBill

    Yes, Betty, a great find. I would have snagged it myself, or at least taken a picture of it. One does not have to understand French to still like the music…i understand very little but still love Cajun music, which got in my blood like a virus too many years ago to remember, it’s pretty danceable too. The polka is not a hard dance so go for it. And that mini stagecoach is reminding me of a horse drawn hearse for some reason…