COMPLETELY INSANE VINTAGE BARWARE!!! Year of manufacture unknown

Submitted by denny June 1st, 2012
Certifikitsch Winner

This is the bottom of the box.  Although it is missing the lid to the box, I still purchased these.  There are 6 cocktail/cigarette servers here.  I was very, very happy to squeak out $5.00 for the set.

I mean really, if I could find a truck load of these, I would hand these out at every party.  Wait, I don’t have parties…..

This kills me!


They’re only 5 inches long.  Little ashtray is a made of metal or tin, the body is plastic.

5 Responses to “COMPLETELY INSANE VINTAGE BARWARE!!! Year of manufacture unknown”

  1. Allee Willis

    The glasses with the little tray attached are completely bizarre. I can’t really tell what they look like. I’m taking it that there was no actual glass in the box. Though the box itself is, of course, fabulous.

    Now, brace yourself, take your Valium now, Denny: I own 4 of the coasters that kill you in the bottom two photos. I absolutely love them and they’re very sentimental for me. I found them for a quarter–I think that was for the entire set–right when my songwriting started to take off in the late 70s. Anything that had music notes on it that I could bear to look at I bought.

    Also, at least on my pcoasters the gold part isn’t metal or tin. It’s painted on.

  2. denny

    No glasses in the box, just a picture showing how to use them with the proper cocktail.

    I CANNOT BELIEVE you have these cocktail coasters! I think I might have to part with these then…..

    NOW, YOU BRACE YOURSELF, box sent out today, should be there monday! YOU WILL HAVE A COMPLETE FIT OVER THE CONTENTS. You better medicate now my love bean!

  3. denny

    Bettina, these are pretty incredible, very kitschy, super cute and makes almost no sense now. Can’t imagine any cocktail glass fitting in these today!