Pants Clown Hobo Guy

Submitted by Nessa June 12th, 2012
Certifikitsch Winner

My mom picked up this thing at a flea market for $1.  We laughed at it for a good ten minutes.  I think it is somebody’s hand-painted ceramic project.  It’s a clown/hobo/guy with a big hole in his pants.  I’m not sure if it’s for plants, ashes, or butts (haha!) but either way it’s pretty funny.

I’m not really afraid of clowns, but his face is mildly deranged.  I’m not sure the meaning of “ERSCH” on his drawers there.  I kinda want to plant a cactus in this thing , hahaha!

Hmmm… what secrets does Pants Clown hide?

Hankie in the back pocket…

Signed “JOEL” on the back cuff.. though I’m not sure if that’s the signature of the original artist or the painter… pretty sure you could buy this thing to paint it in ceramics class.. so maybe JOEL is the person who crafted it to begin with.

4 Responses to “Pants Clown Hobo Guy”

  1. Allee Willis

    It IS a cactus planter.

    I could swear that early on in the life of AWMOK someone submitted a photo of an entire rack of these cactus planters. It was quite the sight. I didn’t see a clown among them though so you have yourself a rather large score!

  2. denny

    I almost screamed when I saw the face on this clown! I love most clowns but this face is killer. He has cloudy zombie eyes.