Diamond Jubilee Souvenirs

Submitted by shirlie williams June 13th, 2012
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Well the four day Diamond Jubilee Celebrations are over, amid heavy showers and bursts of sunshine, here is a tempting selection of Diamond Jubilee Souvenirs .

Believe me I tried so hard to get these ,but they had all sold out !

Corgi Towel…

We had sick bags for the Royal wedding last April and now for the Jubilee.

A nice cup of tea..

and finally a solar corgi..

8 Responses to “Diamond Jubilee Souvenirs”

  1. Allee Willis

    I wish it got that creative and kitschy over on this side of the world. I would go CRAZY with all those souvenirs. i wonder how much $$ they hauled in from all this across the pond?

    What souvenirs did you personally buy?

  2. denny

    Geezus, I almost fell over when I read this post.

    Pretty amazing souvenirs but that ceramic plate is killer. PLEASE, tell me, what on earth is a “solar corgi”?

    • shirlie williams

      When the sun warms up the solar panel on the base I think his head nods Denny. The only souvenir I brought was a cardboard vage shaped like the Queens Carriage, Im waiting to scoop them all up when they sell them off at half price !!!! Very pleased to have a Jubilee Camenbert.

  3. windupkitty

    i watched a bit on tv since a friend taped it….i thought the performance and projections during Madness’ bit were fabulous…better yet though was photo a scottish friend sent me of himself in a tiara waving tiny union jacks…don’t think i can post it here though :)