6 Responses to “Don Ho doll that blows “tiny” bubbles”

  1. Allee Willis

    I have this rubber doll and love it. But never knew he blew tiny bubbles (tho, of course, knew that the real Don Ho did). Where do the bubbles come out from?

    I seriously LOVE the look of this doll.

      • cubakitten

        The record player is actually a reproduction Crosley. Funny thing is, it’s the only non-vintage record player in the house. And yes, we have a few of those.

    • cubakitten

      His head screws off, you fill him with soapy water then squeeze to make bubbles. I haven’t actually used him for bubble making in many, many years.

      My parents took me to a Don Ho show in Hawaii in 1982. He asked me to come up on stage and he sang “Tiny Bubbles” while I sat in his chair and blew bubbles. I’ve got some great photos of this event as well.

      When Don Ho came to The Key Club in 2003 to do a show I had him sign the doll. He was excited and said he hadn’t seen one in years.

      I had never seen another one of these dolls in all my days of digging around at flea markets until I went to the Keinholtz exhibit at LACMA in 1998. He glued hundreds of little statues and dolls to this platform and I spotted the Don Ho doll right away! Shortly afterwards I ran over to my parents house and dug him out of a box in the garage.

  2. denny

    I went to a Don Ho concert in 88 or 89. I was in kitsch heaven but wasn’t exactly thrilled with the experience. I think he was drunk on stage. Slurred every word that came out of his mouth.

    No tiny bubbles that night.

    The doll is AMAZING.