6 Responses to “12 Ways to Get the Best Glamour Shot”

  1. Allee Willis

    LOVVVE this!! Matching teeth and jewelry.

    The 80’s were SO repulsive fashion and hair-wise. Luckily I freeze dried my look many moons before then and never fell under the era’s spell.

  2. windupkitty

    WOw. I agree completely about 80s fashion. I even hated it in the 80s!!! These photos are completely unbelievable. I think Douglas should have a Camembert for each photo! HOw did you even choose when you posted this!?!?!

  3. Mark Milligan


    All I can think of is how the stars of “Toddlers and Tiaras” must dress when they grow up.

    Denny said it perfectly! haha!