Worlds Largest Ice Cream

Submitted by shirlie williams July 5th, 2012
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Hot off the presss..the world’s largest Ice Cream was unveiled today.Experimental  celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal unveiled the world’s largest 99 cone – complete with a massive flake!!!!!  The ice cream stood more than 4m high and used more than a tonne of ice cream and it took a whole month to freeze.

I love the fact it had to be delivered on a fork lift truck…a much more appetizing dish than Heston’s previous creation of Snail Porridge ..

I would love to tackle the Chocolate in the UK  an Ice Cream with the Flake is called a 99..

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    • shirlie williams

      Its all real, I also read they used canons to catapult hundreds and thousands and strawberry sauce over it but most did not stick…
      It was filmed for his new tv series in Gloucester. Gloucester is home to the largest ice cream factory in Europe, Walls.
      I’m thinking that I need to request a visit asap …