Submitted by Jaymes Mansfield July 8th, 2012
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Made popular by 50’s bad girls, pin-ups, and Divine. The true vintage Spring-O-Lator mule has the elastic band on the sole. This pair belonged to Jayne Mansfield, and were so fab I thought they deserved it’s own post. I’ve never seen these shoes in person and was pretty sure I never would.

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  1. Allee Willis

    What was the theory behind Spring-o-lators, that somehow the stretch of elastic softened the blow of your foot landing on the shoe when you walked? I always loved what they look like tho absolutely never understood the sense of them.

    How exactly did you come by owning a pair of Jayne Mansfield’s shoes? Jealous!

    • Jaymes Mansfield

      I can’t figure it out either, cause either way you are landing of a wooden platform. Maybe so you don’t hear the cracking noise of your heel hitting the shoe when you walk. Given that’s just a guesstimate.

      2. My friend is the fan club pres. These are his. When she died she didn’t leave a will so her belongings went to the next owner of her house. A burlesque queen bought the Pink Palace after Jayne died, and her family didn’t realize the value behind the items and sold them off in a poorly publicized auction.

      He’s my best friend so he’s given me some great stuff. I have her oil painting that hung in the foyer, a 60’s jumper, a couple wigs, the fake mink stole she wore in The Girl Can’t Help It, and a bunch more.

  2. windupkitty

    You’re killing me with these shoes, and that they belonged to Jayne Mansfield!?!?! Saaaweeet baby jesus, what a treasure! I used to own a few pairs of Spring-O-Laters. I think the idea was that they would help keep the mules on your feet rather than letting them slip off or move side to side etc THey would snap back to your foot a bit easier. These are just gorgeous. In my opinion, it’s the perfect color of ballet pink. YOu just can’t find color like that these days because the dyes have changed. And the rhinestones?! Just fabulous. I assume they are applied to satin? Absolutely gorgeous! Keep them safe and dry!

  3. denny

    The elastic was supposed to give the ladies a spring in their step when they walked.

    I have a pair of clear, acrylic spring-o-lators with feaux diamonds on them. I treasure then and damn it, I sure wish I was a size 5!

    All hail the spring-o-lators!

    Hi Suzie!

  4. k2dtw

    GREAT POST!!!.. Herbert Levine was a NY shoe manufacturer, his wife Beth Levine was the fabulous/famous designer behind the label, and the inventor of the Spring-O-Lator. I think they even patented the design of the Spring-O-Lator?? Beth Levine is Museum famous for her shoe designs.