4 Responses to “Wearable Hummingbird feeder”

  1. Mark Milligan

    I guess that’s what you’d wear to rob a pet shop.

    I keep wanting to like the idea, but honestly it kind of scares me.

    When I was a kid I thought they were giant bugs, and the beaks were stingers.

    • windupkitty

      ahahahahaha rob a pet shop….It does look kinda scary, but I’d still try it! I have a cousin who is terrified of birds…you and she should start a therapy group :D HUmmingbirds are actually very territorial…if you see them flitting around each other and chasing after each other, it’s usually a showdown….I had a grandfather who lived in the mountains and his whole life was caring for the hummingbirds in winter…tons of feeders everywhere and he had a special process for warming them up and feeding them when they were frozen and near death….it was pretty neat to see when we were kids..i loved helping him :)