Eating Chips At The Seaside

Submitted by shirlie williams July 28th, 2012
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A day at Lyme Regis on the South Coast of the UK , famed for the ‘French Lieutenants Woman’ and Fossils . It was a rare moment as we have yet to have a summer in the UK , and everyday for the last 2 months all we seem to have had is RAIN!!

So when at the Seaside what do Brits tend to do eat chips!!!! This is me and hubby Karl having a chip lunch , I Love Chips.

9 Responses to “Eating Chips At The Seaside”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love chips! And I would probably be posing exactly the same as you with it.

    I hope your rain is gone for a while for maximum chip indulgence.

    Are there shells on that beach?

    • shirlie williams

      No shells on this beach , behind is the sea wall , which Meryl Streep stood on known as the Cobb, for her famous shot in the French Lieutenants Woman .

  2. windupkitty

    so,so jealous, though i know the weather there has been awful!! :( !!!! but the trade off is amazing chips, which really compares to nothing!!!! did i say i was jealous!?!?!?!?!?!?

          • windupkitty

            hahahah let’s hope so! Maybe you can go lay claim to it! If I remember, the ladies that work there have been there for 40 years! The place has never changed and they still wrap everything in newsprint paper…really makes me miss Ireland :) It’s in a bit of a dodgy neighborhood though, so last time I was there, I didn’t hang around to take photos for the awmok…also sometimes with something like that, it kind of seems disrespectful to be snapping away while the ladies are working, ya know?

            • shirlie williams

              I looked it up online, and reviews said it was nothing to look at on the outside but the chips are basically the best in the world. I know what you mean about photographing certain situations, i think your gut instinct usually tells you whether to or not.
              Newspaper round your chips oh the memories, rarely do we get the news paper touch nowadays ,Fridays always used to be fish and chip night in our house as a child and we would eat it out the newspaper, my mother would save the battered skin until last, this made me feel a bit green around the gills, the start of my non meat/fish eating process.I loved the crispy ‘scraps’ of batter at the bottom of the bag and the fact that we could also have a bottle of Coca Cola.
              If you get to the UK ,come stay with us Miss Mabel loves a lap, and we can go chip hunting lol…

              • windupkitty

                So nice to hear your memories…isn’t it great how good food can make them!?! Growing up where I did , we were aware that we had a lot less than other people, but it didn’t always FEEL that way…For us, it was chinese food as the special banquet night :) My mother had a chinese tea set, so we’d decorate the table and use it :) And I still love to cook…you can make all sorts of yummy things with very little and make them stretch too!