Gay Teens (Part 1)

Submitted by Nessa July 30th, 2012
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This amazing 1940s Knit & Crochet booklet is really one of the most amazing things in my collection.  I literally rescued it from a puddle… a PUDDLE.. at a flea market.  It was soaked and I thought it was ruined, but I took it home anyway… my mom helped me save it by coming up with the idea of putting a paper towel between each page and letting it carefully dry that way for a few days.  The end result… it was saved!

EVERY SINGLE PAGE of this book is an amazing gem.  It’s just at the beginning of “youth culture” and is sprinkled liberally with teen slang and adorable illustrations.  I just love it.    It’s too much for just one post.. it would be dozens of pictures, so I think I will split it into separate posts with Allee’s approval.

The Coke Crowd

Wow, pandering to the market much?  I wonder if teens from the 1940s thought this was “hep”, or rolled their eyes at the blatant “adult writing for kids” vibe going on here.

More to come!!!

3 Responses to “Gay Teens (Part 1)”

  1. Allee Willis

    Love every aspect of this, from saving it out of a puddle – some of my best (and cheapest) thrift and flea market finds have been found this way – to the descriptive “gay” title to the spirit of the writing.

    If only it were so innocent today.

    Also absolute love the colors on the cover. Soaking it in a puddle only made it more vibrant.

    I never knew about that paper towel trick. Thanks!

  2. windupkitty

    This is just gorgeous! I’m so glad you could save it! And now you know how to be Queen of the Snow Carnival!