Make Believe?

Submitted by windupkitty August 4th, 2012
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This was a fabulous dollar store find! Have you ever seen anything so creepy and weird trapped in a bar of soap!? Here’s where it gets weirder: this actually kinda looks like a bush baby, that is if bush babies were pink, hairless and given to human baby accessories.

I actually saw bush babies many years ago when I was doing volunteer work in Africa. They get up to stuff at night and are noisy when you’re trying to sleep! But they are pretty cute and crazy skillful jumpers! Kind of hard to not want one :)

6 Responses to “Make Believe?”

  1. Allee Willis

    Completely insane! What an annoying bar of soap this would be to use.

    With this said, I never knew the official name of this animal but they are such a bizarre combination of so many things. Re the real thing, his little fingers look like stalks that grapes grow on, his eyes look like an owl, his nose looks like a knee joint, he’s got a monkey tail and a squirrels body. What’s not to love? Only the soap. Which of course is fabulous in the worst way possible. Made even more special by being a dollar store purchase.

  2. windupkitty

    Bush Baby is kind of a nickname. Technically, they are called galagos and they are primates. Pretty amazing little guys and if i remember correctly, apparently they’ve been around for a looong time like sharks and alligators…they are pretty cute :)

  3. Mark Milligan

    What were you doing in Africa?

    What country?

    Those Bush Babies look a little like a hamster that’s had some work done.

    • windupkitty

      haha good luck finding it! i’ll send you this one…it’s yours!

      i was in kenya, tanzania, uganda….it was kind like a peace corp type thing, not affiliated with any religion or with any agenda other than providing services like education and elbow grease for piping water to villages, bringing in supplies that were requested etc….

      we raised money here in the states, bought supplies and then basically went over and did whatever was needed and/or asked of us…

      it was tiring but amazing and i’d do it again in a second! have a ton of stories, so you might not want to get me started! i can say though that i saw some of the most beautiful things i’ve ever seen there and some of the worst things too…