3 Responses to “Pencil Fencing”

  1. Allee Willis

    Please have Karl make me one too!

    Really excellent, Especially that they are art pencils with matching lead and pencil color.

    Having made quite a few little miniature environments that had pencil fences I can really appreciate this. The last one I made was a little house with a pencil roof that sold at a fundraiser auction at Larry King’s house just this last Christmas.

  2. windupkitty

    Oh man, LOVE this! I used to volunteer for a free after-school program (meant to help kids occupied with good direction and not around some rough stuff at home or unsupervised etc) and my thing to do with them was to teach/encourage art/creativity. It used to bum me out that the space we had was so dismal and I had plenty of pipe dreams about making a good space…never came up with anything like this though; it’s perfect!!!! Can you imagine being a kid and seeing this!?! I would definitely want to hang out there!!