9 Responses to “Denny’s Adventures In Allee’s “Willis Wonderland” – July 2011 – Part 336”

  1. Allee Willis

    It’s so hard to really see how beautiful so many of these are. The rattan set in the top photo is a round couch that used to be in my office at A&M Records when I first started having hits. All the Earth, Wind & Fire stuff was written on it. It’s hard to see it through the plastic but the cushions are made of textured leopard vinyl.

    The atomic design chair in the bottom photo is truly the most spectacular in the bunch. It looks exactly like an Eames bent plywood chair and the designs are baked into whatever the chair back and seat are made out of. You can see where it’s cracking toward the front of the seat so I had to retire this one and it’s mate that’s sitting on top of it. But it really killed me to do it as I love these chairs.

  2. k2dtw

    OMG I”m dying so wonderful!!! I think the rattan was done by the very famous “Ritts Co of LA”.. I love the leopard cushions, what a fab office…and a great place to write/create!!!.. Did you write “September” on that rattan set???… Would you ever consider taking it to your next September 21st show and recreate your office on stage???.. If not, has the set ever been put together and filmed in a video with all the wonderful (for us) details about writing September???
    The molded fiberglass chairs are favorites!!! I don’t know the base, are they Herman Miller??.. The one with the black pattern is to die for!!…LOVE

    • Allee Willis

      I don’t think Ritts made the rattan couch. They were primarily Lucite furniture. I was good friends with Herb Ritts, the famous celebrity photographer and son of Shirley, who ran the company.

      Yes, September was written on the rattan set as with almost every other EWF song I had to do with in that period, though not Boogie Wonderland which was written in my apartment.

      Not sure if the chairs are Herman Miller. Will check to see if there are any manufacturers marks the next time I go to my storage garage.