Texas Prison Rodeo “Behind The Walls” with the Eastham Band

Submitted by denny August 10th, 2012

Who the hell would buy this?  I’m sure this wasn’t a record you would find in Sears or some other local retailer.  I wonder how they marketed this album and where it was sold?  Looks like the most miserable bunch of clowns I have ever seen.  I would look miserable too if I was serving 2 life terms and having to perform as a clown in the process.  I wonder where they got their clothes?

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  1. BRBill

    I’ve been to the Angola Prison Rodeo, the wildest show in the South. I’ve been a rodeo fan for quite a while and it lives up to it’s billing and is a whole lotta fun too. There are standard rodeo events and some that are unique to Angola. Rodeo clowns are known for their outrageous costumes and have to be fairly brave also, distracting 1000pound bulls from a downed rider is not for the faint hearted.
    All inmates who wish to participate in the Angola rodeo must be on their best behavior to even qualify to enter as it is seen as a priviledge to be in it at all. A friend of mine worked up there in the infirmary for a while and told me that these guys go all out, if they get hurt in the process, well, that’s easy time in the infirmary. I have no idea what this record sounds like though i’d venture to say it could be heavily blues based as that’s what some of the bands playing the rodeo were doing when we went.