5 Responses to “Nifty nylon advert”

      • windupkitty

        Yeah, the seam was visible de to the construction of the stockings…Anyone ever draw the line up their leg thinking it looked more fabulous!?! Um yes, ok, I did, but in my defense, I was a teenager…The first stockings were ridiculously strong too…I’m pretty sure I still have a pair somewhere…back when stuff wasn’t made to be disposable…LOve this old advert too…hats off to them for the really nice tush…none of this flat, 10 year old rexic crap that prevails today…

  1. k2dtw

    Great post!!.. LOVE vintage advertising, always so much to learn from them. Years ago we saw a great old press photo of young ladies during WWII, they were getting seams painted on their legs during war time rationing.