8 Responses to “Baby Penitentary”

  1. Mark Milligan

    I just asked too many questions, and apparently didn’t filter my comments enough for the group.

    Did you ever say something when you were a kid, and as you were saying it, you realized that it had a deeper, more profound meaning than what you thought when you first opened your mouth?

    Go back to about 1968. My parents were probably 2-3 years from finally splitting up, but the cold irish silence ruled the day, they rarely spoke. My sisters were grown, and I was left to stroll around on the eggshells for family events. So they took me to a wedding, and it was nice, very proper, the presbyterian type. After the wedding, not a word between them, we got into Dad’s Galaxie to go home. As they were lighting up, from the back seat I remembered in the past seeing writing on newlywed’s vehicles, so in an effort to break the ice and act like I knew something, I said “hot springs tonight!” They stole a glance at each other, each took a drag off there viceroys, and didn’t say a word.