4 Responses to “Denny’s 2012 Summer Adventures in Allee Willis’ “Willis Wonderland” – part 24”

  1. Allee Willis

    This is a recent acquisition and I haven’t even had a chance to open it yet and make sure it works. But I don’t care because I buy anything that has Disco on it.

    What I love most about this is that the name is obviously a take on Discoteque yet everything about the product including the graphic is 2 decades earlier.

    I love any kind of radio phono combo.

  2. denny

    No, no equipment left. Soundproofing basement with a room with a window on it. It’s all ready to have equipment brought into it. Nuts huh? The basement is going to be my version of the room that holds all your kitsch at Willis Wonderland. I can’t wait to finally be out of that “my life is in a box” mode.