Super Timor Bug Spray Commercial via Africa

Submitted by Mod Betty August 20th, 2012
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My pal Jay Schwartz from The Secret Cinema hepped me to this Super Timor Bug Spray Commercial and it’s too groovy not to share.

All it takes is a spritz of Super Timor and soon your random bug slapping becomes the latest nightclub sensation.

Watch out, the hook is short, but it’s mighty! And according to some internet sleuthing, here’s what they’re singing”

Don’t kill mosquitoes with slaps on your cheeks, slaps on your thigh, slaps on your arms

Super Timor is here!

Super Timor is even stronger, with its new formula (Super Timor)

When they smell the odor of Super Timor, the insects are already dead (Super Timor)

Super Timor, with its new formula. Really, really stronger!

Super Timor, Super Timor!

Number one!

4 Responses to “Super Timor Bug Spray Commercial via Africa”

  1. Allee Willis

    First of all, give my eternal thanks to your friend Jay Schwartz. Don’t even ask me how much I love this.

    Do we have any idea how old this is? I take that back. I just found this on a message board: It’s a famous ad from Ivory Coast (hence French language) broadcast around 1986.

    I hope I get to write the next jingle for Super Timor.