Bean Art Whale

Submitted by Cheetah Velour August 30th, 2012
Certifikitsch Winner

I found this beautiful bean art in a thrift store. It measures approximately 16 x 20 and weighs approximately one ton.

Just look at the detail! I’d like to believe that this was a labor of love for someone.

I can’t imagine why someone would get rid of this, but I’m happy it found me. Best $4 I ever spent, by the way.

I love you, bean whale. I know we will be very happy together.

4 Responses to “Bean Art Whale”

  1. BRBill

    Quite apropos that i’m reading this post on Monday, red beans and rice twice….warning: do not come near my department for your own good….also wondering how many cups of rice i’ll need after this goes in the pot. Are those limas in the water spout?