Soft Shoe(s)

Submitted by windupkitty September 3rd, 2012
Certifikitsch Winner

As a kid (and ok, adult!) I used to spend as much free time at the library looking up music and checking out as many Lps as possible ( I know I have a 30 year old fine at one and I’m afraid to go back there…seriously). So, having the web at my fingertips is just a mind boggling privilege. My cottage needs vacuuming, I should fold clothes, stop my ass from spreading any further (I think you can measure it in trajectory as well as surface area now), and call my Grandma, but instead, I’m sitting here on a lovely Sunday afternoon, searching song after song and FINDING IT!!!! Life is pretty good. The other stuff can wait. And this is pretty kitschy. I submit this only with adoration and ok, maybe slight obsession for the men and the music on this record. Most awmoker’s know how I love jazz, but I had to state that anyway.

Soft Shoe is a brilliant dance form made more popular by vaudeville performers (I’m pretty sure of the vaudeville reference anyway) and it’s very,very closely related to tap (if not entirely synonymous with it). I love dance as much as music and used to have a go at it when I was younger. I always think of Bill Robinson doing soft shoe while throwing down sand in some film I can’t recall but I think they were on a boat and there was a good band. It sucks to not be able to retrieve something that should be remembered. I’m pretty sure it was Stormy Weather. Almost positive, in fact. But the point is, Soft Shoe is not big puffy shoes that look like saddle shoes that have had a bad run-in with a bicycle pump.

But again, this record is fabulous and it even has something else that qualifies as kitsch. Feast your ears on The Flintstones Theme done right.

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Sure, there have been some various jazz offerings of this song, but I still think this one is tops. Kitschy? Eh, yeah, kinda. Excellent? Definitely. Do I want to wear those big, soft, puffy saddle shoes? You bet. And I’d do it while sitting like a slob next to my HiFi, listening to a good record and eschewing housework…

3 Responses to “Soft Shoe(s)”

  1. Allee Willis

    Definitely a classic between classic performers.

    Happy to say that I myself have written with George Duke. Wrote a couple of songs with him and Stanley Clarke on the one LP they had out together.

    Now I’m obsessed with those shoes. Wouldn’t those be killer slippers?

    Yay Flintstone theme!

  2. windupkitty

    See, this is what I love about posting stuff here! Oh,hey, George Duke? Stanley Clarke? They are in my kitchen making me lunch while I finish their song for them…You ARE the Willis Wonderland! I think they just called themselves the George Duke and Stanley Clarke Project or something like that…

    As kitschy as this album cover is (which in my opinion makes it all the better), it’s a great record. I used to own it SIGNED by Jake Hanna but sold it during what I now refer to as the great culling of my best vinyl. Hated to see that stuff go, but needed the dough… At least the people who collect that stuff respect it and preserve…That’s why I liked having it…

    As for the puffy shoes, they look so damn comfy, and yeah , they would make amazing slippers…They actually can’t be too hard to make…and they kind look like the shoes on your sock monkey….hmmmm….