10 Responses to “Residing on the corner of High. And High.”

  1. Mark Milligan

    Allee you are awesome. Thanks, and as usual, you made my day brighter with this generous gesture.

    And yet, how many people do we know that live on a corner of High and High?

    I didn’t tell Patrick I was posting this. He told me the other day he’d received an email about Badeyah Baby coming up. His experience at the El Portal was so over the top fantastic, he still doesn’t know exactly what to think of it all. But I do. It was an experience that I wanted him to have, come hell or high water. And not unlike any experience I’ve had knowing you, it was unforgettable, and enriching on many levels. XX

    • Allee Willis

      Oh God, you know how traumatic that El Portal experience was for me. But I’m elated to hear that it was over-the-top fantastic for Patrick. I look at that as literally the most traumatic night in my career. But every time I say that to someone who was there they tell me it’s a night they’ll never forget and that I came through like a true champ. I do understand that it was a totally necessary evening for me and allowed the next show, which you were also at, to really come to life. Any chance of you coming in for Badeya, Baby? It’s an all new show. First band rehearsal is tonight in a couple hours. Yikes!!

  2. windupkitty

    Hell Portal was truly EPIC and despite any discomfort anyone was feeling during the time, it remains, in my opinion, one of the most incredible theater happenings that has ever occurred…I think the MIlligan clan was truly indispensable that day/night and it was so fabulous to finally get to meet everyone…Of course, you, Queen of Kitsch never once stood down and that was the theme from the beginning…completely awesome…seriously, I would make a documentary of the whole thing from start to finish and release it on dvd…stuff happened that you can’t make up and that’s what it’s all about…everything you do is art in real time…you just can’t escape it, not that you should try…

  3. windupkitty

    hitting the jealous button because i’m guessing that if i lived on the corner of high and high, i would be a lot more relaxed….