Submitted by k2dtw September 4th, 2012
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The FABULOUS 2012 Detroit Woodward Ave Dream Cruise was Aug. 18..
One of the stunning beauties that showed up was the 1954 Kaiser Darrin DKF-161…it’s one of only 435!! It’s fiberglass!!!…and the doors slide open into the front side panel!!!…
The Kaiser Darrin DKF-161 and it’s owner was a GREAT addition to Detroit Dream Cruise!!!
I Googled this NY Times Wheels Dream Cruise article on the Kaiser/owner…it has a great Kaiser image link..
From the NY Times Wheels Dream Cruise article…..
..”We encountered an equally unexpected pairing down the street, where the Daughters of the American Revolution were showing off a 1954 Kaiser Darrin DKF-161, one of only 435 built.
Finished in its original Pine Tint paint, the fiberglass sports car belonged to the Michigan residents Doug and Christine Richman. Ms. Richman, whose ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War, is a D.A.R. officer, and her organization created the display to welcome veterans to the Dream Cruise.” …
This is the FAB LINK…from The NY Times Wheels article!!!
The Kaiser Darrin was designed by Howard “Dutch” Darrin, and I thought built at the Kaiser factory/plant in Ypsilanti, Mi??.. This great article says in was built after Kaiser moved their factory to Toledo, Ohio?


  1. Allee Willis

    My eyeballs are spinning too fast in their sockets for me to adequately comment on this. Easily one of the best looking cars ever. Thank God I have my 1955 Studebaker which has hints of this body shape (though it remains on blocks in my driveway). This is amazingly streamlined, futuristic and classic all at once. Seriously seriously jealous.

    As soon as you know the date of the Dream Cruise next year in DETROIT let us know.

    • k2dtw

      Thank you so, so much!!..
      There were so many BEAUTIFUL cars…the weather was Dream Cruise perfect!!!
      The Detroit Woodward Ave Dream Cruise is held annually the 3rd Saturday of August….
      This is the official website…keep checking back..they are adding fabulous pictures!!.. The “Countdown to the cruise Clock” hasn’t started yet??…but it will be Saturday, August 17, 2013.

      Hummm??…there might be a really good reason the Kaiser Darrin reminds you of your Studebaker..found Dutch Darrin Sutdebaker info in Wikipedia…
      “Darrin returned to the United States in 1937 to set up his own coachworks on Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood.
      Howard “Dutch” Darrin designed cars for Kaiser and Studebaker. With Bill Tritt he designed the Kaiser Darrin sports car. For Studebaker, renamed Studebaker Packard after their merger he designed cars that were never produced but can be seen at the Studebaker Museum in South Bend, Indiana.
      Have you been to the Studebaker Museum in South Bend??.. (3-1/2 hrs) ..Beautiful website.. ..Image #2.Designed by Raymond Loewy!!!

      Holding my breath!!… scroll down to see image!!!..

  2. Mark Milligan

    The thing I love about the styling of the Darrin is that it is so elegant, unique, and at the same time not mawkish or too pretty. It embodies in my mind a global vision the stylists had that seems not imprisoned by commercialization but more inspiration.

    Sadly that was probably allowed as the result of desperation on the part of senior management that saw the handwriting on the wall as this manufacturer’s sales eroded to the point of extinction.

    Love it love it love it. Chokes me up a little. Those pocket doors are Confetti Angel food cake on a Windup rotating stand frosted with Grandma’s special frosting. Nothing like it, and unforgettable.

    • k2dtw

      MarkMarkMark….so beautifully expressed.. (choked me up reading)
      If Goodby Silverstein calls you to write for them, please say yes!!.. In their next Chevy commercial, I can so hear Tim Allen’s voice now …”Those pocket doors are Confetti Angel food cake on a Windup rotating stand frosted with Grandma’s special frosting. Nothing like it, and unforgettable”…Chevy runs deep.. :):)
      Thank you…so wonderful!!!