6 Responses to “Denny’s 2012 Summer Adventures in Allee Willis’ “Willis Wonderland” – part 29”

  1. Allee Willis

    I have never seen this thing before. Are you sure this is something that you saw in my place? Way too minstrel-y for me. Though excellent makings of a clown too. Maybe in a box of stuff someone sent me that I haven’t gone through yet.

    I love that the only title this was given was “Heavy Make-up”. I’ll say!

  2. denny

    I love when that happens! Allee has received many amazing pieces from you and a few other people and you know me, mr. nosey pants when I am at Willis Wonderland!

    • windupkitty

      hahah yeah, every once in a while i find weird crap at the japanese dollar store that i think needs reviewing…and yeah, it cracks me up that you just go through stuff…you’re like the kitsch weasel going through drawers and ransacking the place! :D