6 Responses to “Me in 1962 !”

  1. Allee Willis

    Perfect in every way! I love that the battery-powered poodle was along for the shoot. And it kills me, of course, that the flowers are plastic and sitting in a big soda glass. It also kills me that you’re sitting on a doily-looking tablecloth pushed next to the wall for that excellent backdrop. Though nothing kills me more than your hair!!

  2. Celiene

    I had that same cut! Courtesy of my mother. She would tape the bangs down while wet and cut away. When they dried, they were at least 1/2 inch shorter. Right under the hairline.

  3. Celiene

    LOL – I currently have a wind-up doggie vey similar but without as much poofy fringe. BUT – he does have a red shoe dangling from his mouth! Wind him up – and he bounces around the floor. Scares the real dogs who also live here.