Space Baby Doll From Outer Space

Submitted by Nessa October 3rd, 2012
Certifikitsch Winner

Allee, I know how much you love packaging with indecipherable English, so when I saw this little baby doll at a flea market, I bought it exclusively to share it with the good folks at the Kitschenette.

It’s not just any toy.. it’s Battery Operated Foreign Satellite Baby Crawling & Dancing!

From the Solar System!

Some anime-looking characters with either the Eiffel Tower or Tokyo Tower in the background being attacked by a rainbow shooting UFO.  And what is our pink-haired friend saying in that yellow speech bubble?

“I am a baby from the unknown beauty planet.  I am much wiling to have fun with little kids so I changed to be a toy.  I CAN PERFORM CLIMBING AND DANCING.”  So, this isn’t just any toy doll.  It is a toy doll from OUTER SPACE.  Can you believe it?  An alien from the unknown beauty planet is living in my house in a box.

I AM FROM THE FIRE PLANET.  But.. I thought she just said she was from the Unknown Beauty Planet…

CRAWLING.. When I stand stably,I can dance.(See overleaf how to stand) DANCING

Crawling competition!  Disembodied baby!

I can dance only if I stand stably. The way how to let me stand stably operates as above:

Sister!   wait for me.

Here is the baby outside of her box.  She is kind of cute, I guess.  For only $4.95 I suppose you can’t lose.  I haven’t put batteries into her yet to see if she is actually good at climbing, crawling, dancing, and etc., but I suspect that she isn’t.

2 Responses to “Space Baby Doll From Outer Space”

  1. Allee Willis

    Completely fantastic. A couple of my favorite touches are the ‘hot’ label on the box, as if foreign satellite baby were a baked chicken and the Eiffel Tower rising out of the head of the girl in the little oval to the left of the hot label. Although nothing really could get better than Foreign Satellite Baby as an appropriate name for this doll. I guess the Eiffel Tower is beaming up to the satellite.