$20 Kitschy Nose Job and INSTANT Emergency Halloween Costume!

Submitted by hoarderrehabseller October 11th, 2012
Certifikitsch Winner

WHAT a MUG SHOT!!!  $20 Kitschy Nose Job or INSTANT Emergency Halloween  Costume!  Don’t get caught dead without one!

Have you always wanted a nose job, but couldn’t afford one?  Well, look no further, instant nose job upon arrival for $20!  It may be the envy of the nose you once had!

Looking for a Halloween costume, but too busy having your coffee?  Look no further, here’s one for $20 and keep on drinking!  Keep this around for an INSTANT Emergency Halloween Costume for those unexpected Halloween invites or for answering the door on Halloween Night!

Have some fun with this instant oinker paradise mug today and pig out in style anytime! Be an instant hit at any animal themed Halloween party or OINK your way into one!

Get all this and more for the price of one mug!

Order this mug, I mean instant kitsch nose job or Halloween outfit  at HoarderRehab seller’s “alter ego” shop VintageToGoetsy at:


Get your new mug with this mug!  Don’t fight the feeling!

4 Responses to “$20 Kitschy Nose Job and INSTANT Emergency Halloween Costume!”

  1. windupkitty

    “pig groupings” there’s so much i want to say, but i know i should be pc…ok, jsut one..silicon valley anyone!?!? no, that’s not fair. pigs are actually really nice.

    fabulous cup!!!!!! if they could do an elephant trunk, that would be pretty cool!