Buildings in Hollywood – summer of 2012

Submitted by denny October 14th, 2012
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The hotels along Wilcox, just off Sunset and Wilcox.  Notice the font on the fabulous hotel signs.

Love the grill work above the building.  This is on a side street off Hollywood blvd.

3 Responses to “Buildings in Hollywood – summer of 2012”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love Hollywood so much I cant stand it.

    Love that Papaya King came here from NY but they should fire whoever led them to their location. Now we’ll have to listen to New Yorkers bitching that LaLa Land couldnt even make a go of a hot dog institution. But if you stick the place on a side street where no one will see it that’s what’s gonna happen. How on earth this wasn’t put on Hollywood Blvd. is beyond me. Way too many great hot places around there for someone to turn the corner and go halfway don the block when they can’t spot it from the main drag.

  2. windupkitty

    I was in front of a Papaya Dog last night waiting to meet a friend so we could head a couple blocks to Smalls Jazz Club…I’ve always loved how they look…had no idea they were in LA!

    I agree, sidestreets are the best, but yeah, tourists don’t always feel the same…