3 Responses to “Denny’s Adventures In Allee’s “Willis Wonderland” – July 2011 – Part 350”

  1. Allee Willis

    There is more Ponytail kitsch in the house, though I don’t think any in the storage garage.

    I have 3 of these glass cases. You get a nice view of the pink one here: https://www.alleewillis.com/awmok/kitschenette/2009/10/01/allee-willis-kitsch-o-the-day-1950s-ponytail-eyeglass-case/.

    I also have a great Ponytail looseleaf: https://www.alleewillis.com/awmok/kitschenette/2010/02/07/allee-willis-kitsch-o-the-day-1950s-ponytail-cheerleader-and-sports-looseleaf/ .

    I know I have a wallet, a diary, a jewelry box and at least one 45s carrying case as well.