My Senior Class Picture – Class of 1983

Submitted by denny October 31st, 2012
Certifikitsch Winner

High school was no fun for me until I found out what most of the people now look like after sending a spy to a class reunion. I wasn’t a loner or anything like that but I sure didn’t fit in back in 1983 until I discovered Boy George, Heaven 17, Howard Jones, Dead or Alive, Romeo Void and the other bands of the 80’s.

I still get hysterical over the caterpillar on my upper lip. I was desperate for a ‘stache back then and even went as far as to draw one on with eye liner, that explains why it’s blotchy.

I’m all the way to the left of the picture and Cindy Rothenbergers t shirt said “You Make me sick”. I’ll have to double check on that info…..

Halloween. Note my purple suit jacket.

4 Responses to “My Senior Class Picture – Class of 1983”

  1. Allee Willis

    Such an 80’s looking Halloween!

    I can definitely relate to your costume choice if in fact you were trying to be a hobo. I was that almost every Halloween as a child.

    Quite a stache!

  2. denny

    I do look like a hobo but back then I was just discovering “new wave” music and I was trying for that look. I didn’t really blossom til way out of high school.

    Blossomed into what I don’t know.

    I miss all of you.