5 Responses to “Ceramic caterpillar”

  1. Allee Willis

    So cute! How tall is he/she? I love it because it looks as much like a skunk, albeit colors reversed, as a worm.

    I would have guessed handmade so I’m happy that the manufacturer went as naïve with it as they did.

  2. windupkitty

    Wow, Dens, this is so perfect for you I can’t stand it! He even looks like he belongs in one of your paintings…perhaps a portrait is in order!?!?

  3. denny

    Priorities, Wind-Up, priorities. My next project/painting is going to be Liberace. I am bursting to get him painted. This desire to paint Liberace came after I recently purchased a Liberace doll. A Liberace doll! Can you stand it? It was part of a doll line in the mid 80’s called (I think…) Effenbee Dolls or something like that.