Do The Stroll (if you can be depressed enough)

Submitted by windupkitty November 23rd, 2012
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This morning after almost no sleep thanks to 2 very sick kittens that were plopped in my lap at 11pm last night, I opened an email from my most beloved friend in NY and found this video. Apparently, this is the first dance he ever learned to do. I love it when he tells me stuff like this so couldn’t wait to watch. And wow. You have got to love a dance instruction song that has a slow groove and swing to it; the possibilities are endless (and I figured at least a little sexy).

Um, but no. I was wrong. There is no sauntering, wiggling, shaking or gliding. And you don’t even get to sink into an arm slipped around your waist. (What a rip off!) In order to do The Stroll, you should be on the brink of complete and utter despair. Don’t look at your partner. Don’t you dare feel an ounce of bliss. Emotional and physical distance is key. If you mistakenly make eye contact, scowl at yourself for the error and make sure your partner meets your eyes with a frown. You can mix it up too. The third couple demonstrates that turns are allowed. That is, as long as they aren’t fun turns. If you can spin joylessly in the winter of your discontent, then choose a direction and go for it. And when you reach the end of the line, before parting ways, do not acknowledge your companion. It’s unnecessary. Words are superfluous. You already share a deep mutual understanding of what just happened. You may never see each other again, but you will still house a deep bond until the day you die. Such memories are often the result of humans sharing moments of great tragedy…and be careful, dancing shoes might just give you PTSD.

12 Responses to “Do The Stroll (if you can be depressed enough)”

  1. Allee Willis

    1st of all, I hope the kittens have rebounded.

    2nd, this is one of the first records I remember going nuts over as a wee child. It was an American Bandstand staple. I can’t even tell you how HUGE The Stroll was. I was an expert. I had a little more attitude than these folks but poker face was part of it.

  2. windupkitty

    Kittens are great! I submitted this a few weeks ago, so they are now completely on the mend. They are fat, healthy, cuddly, sweet, and currently tearing up the couch. If a box with holes in it and no forwarding address arrives at your door, don’t call me. I need to place these guys before I get too much more attached. Usually, I’m pretty good about it, but somehow these little ones are getting to me…They are really special little guys, incredibly gentle and snuggly. Casper plays with them all day and gives them baths. Pretty cute.

    As for The Stroll, I had no idea it was so huge! I’m baffled! It looks like the least fun dance ever. I can imagine that you must have had the ‘tude..thank god! What’s up with the poker face? Is the dance supposed to be like an open faced, sloppy tango!?! It’s not even a passionate stone face; everyone just looks hostile and on the brink of tears! Of course, long ago when I used to cut a rug or two, I got crap for smiling TOO much, so maybe I’m a poor judge. But ya know, if you have a good dance partner, there’s nothing like covering a whole ballroom in 3 steps. Its like flying and I’d prefer a bit of giddiness to vague and detached resentment.

    Tell me more, QoK, was this dance popular at dances? I’m going to have to look it up. I’m so curious!

  3. windupkitty

    And I should mention, I do LOVE the song! Can’t go wrong there! The Diamonds always completely deliver! I was just expecting the dance to be a little more, ya know, …well listen to that slow groove! I guess I just have dirty mind…

  4. BRBill

    “It’s been a long time since i rock n rolled/it’s been a long time since i did The Stroll”- Rock And Roll, Led Zepplin….classic, so simple i might not even fall down trying to do it. I did unretire from dancing during this years Festivals Acadiens et Creoles, something about really needing to dance with a woman again…”but i don’t dance well” “no problem, you can count to three right?” “yes” “it’s a waltz, just follow me….” and i led her astray to a beautiful Beausoleil waltz… a counterclockwise circle as is the custom at Cajun dances.

  5. BRBill

    And all those way groovy hairstyles on both guys and gals, yeehah. How about that showing scalp flattop! bet he’s still wearing the same haircut today.

  6. k2dtw

    I loved the Stroll!!!.. I always danced the Stroll in my living room along with the kids on American Bandstand, I don’t remember the AB kids being so somber???.. They were such good dancers!!!.. i’ll give it a’s got a good beat and it’s easy to dance to!.. :)
    Is your friend in the dark shirt??.. Did he take cuts and stroll twice??? So great to hear the Diamonds again!