1. Nessa

    Fantastic Denny!!!! My no-nonsense, no-clutter anywhere cousin has a velvet Elvis in her garage.. chubby, crying, Vegas Elvis. It is so out of sync with the rest of her household, I haven’t had the courage to ask her why she has it.

  2. windupkitty

    gorgeous phot and wow, that’s a big one, but I agree; you need a kitschier one! And for 100 bucks, wtf! That’s not even in the sprit of good kitsch! Plus, he looks a little too much like Ricky Nelson…Nessa…a crying Elvis!?! Maybe you should NEVER ask!

  3. denny

    Funny thing, I picked this up for my friend Mark (and my tattoo guru) who promptly paid me back. He plucked down the cash. I would never have spent $100.00 on this.

    What sucks is that I saw the same one for $30.00 on ebay. Flea market vendors think they are selling gold sometimes.