Jungle (accordion!?) Fever

Submitted by windupkitty December 6th, 2012
Certifikitsch Winner

Yeah, you typically don’t find the sounds of the accordion in the jungle, but hey it IS somewhat percussive. Love this album cover. Love the tile of the album too. It’s a pretty popular one, but had to post it here anyway. Just love how casual he is. And I’m sure a gorilla could learn to play the accordion, but READ MUSIC  AND keep time with a metronome?!?! I can see why they said it couldn’t be done! Kudos for making it happen. Can’t believe this on Capitol! Super Cool.

4 Responses to “Jungle (accordion!?) Fever”

  1. windupkitty

    Yeah, jungle drumming and accordion could be cool…or at least kitschy. The accordion IS so hard!!!! And the 120 bass button monsters are so heavy! It’s a work out! That’s why Dock Contino, at the age of 82 still looks like a 20 year old triathlete! Seriously!

  2. Mark Milligan

    My wife’s mother is a musician. You keep putting up all the gospel album covers, and I keep seeing people that look like her in the one she did in the ’70’s, but G** forbid I put hers on here, I’d wake up naked in a trailer by the river in Waco, that side of the family still has the Spanish Inquisition in their DNA even though they were Eastern European Jews before they came to this country.

    Anyway, she can pick up an instrument, and within a few days, play it, as could our son, Patrick, but he didn’t want anybody to know it, until one day when he was in high school, and we went to watch his high school band in a marching competition, and he wasn’t playing the trombone we bought him, but a trumpet. WTF?

    So once when we were at my in-law’s house, early in our marriage, my wife’s mom comes out of some back room carrying a big accordion, and plays “Sheherazade.” I was the only one in the room slack-jawed, because this was apparently the kind of thing she always did as my wife grew up. A violin, a guitar, french horn, whatever. I never saw that accordion again. Of course, she’s crazier than a pet racoon, but I’ll have to wait until she’s dead to tell those stories.

    Love this Windup, can you imagine how hot the poor kid got posing?

  3. windupkitty

    MIke, as usual you slay me with your stories! My face hurts from laughing. Of course, my imagination is running away with the theme of you and your wife going to Patrick’s band performances and he is playing a different instrument every time….PLease tell me it included him twirling the baton up front as well! When I met him he was so reserved and polite…it’s always the quiet ones!

    And your Mother in Law (what a weird-ass term! still tripes me out! YOu are legally bound to her in a maternal way!?!?!) sounds like a genius. If she can make any musical instrument sing without effort, then I guess it’s worth the batshit crazy….Maybe that’s my problem…I need ot step it up a bit…I can play Mary Had a Little Lamb on a few things but not very well and I’m only dysfunctional…I’m going to work on pet raccoon status and see where that gets me…AND thanks for the tip! If I ever perfect anything, I will give you all the credit.

    Tell Patrick and your legal Mommy to keep doing what they do. That’s a gift that should not be ignored.