I Fell for Her Completely

Submitted by windupkitty December 11th, 2012
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I mean that literally. Moments after photographing what I now know to be my destiny, I fell flat out, face down on the sidewalk in front of plenty of people. It was super fun. As I sit here with scraped up and swollen hands and knees, I have to wonder if my gorgeous, future 2 tone sea-foam green girl was trying to stop me from walking away from her. I can’t fault her for it. We are meant to be together. I wish she had used her powers to write me a love song instead, but you have to admire a girl with hutzpah! There was a for sale sign laying across the front seat. I can’t stop thinking about it. Think the owner would trade her for a 1989 Honda Civic with a Rust-O-Leum paint job and Mr T on the roof!?! Technically it’s also a custom. Just not a customary custom.

Hey Mark of the Milligan, does this girl look lowered? I figured you might know. She looks like she could be. I hate when they Dr up a natural beauty. She also has those curb scrapers…haven’t seen those in awhile!!!

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  1. Allee Willis

    When I was actively buying 1950s cars, up until 1994, when I pulled the last of them up in my driveway to meet its fate of sitting there like a planter up on blocks, as my 1955 Studebaker sits there now, I used to think that this model Ford was a little too plain for my tastes. I was particularly attracted to orphan cars – like my Studebaker and a 1955 DeSoto that I still have that also sits up on blocks. But now that I look at this little Ford honey I crave her as much as I’ve craved any of the other ones. Also, I could never pass up a gal who has curb scrapers, which all of my vintage cars were equipped with.

    Hope the scrapes and bruises are healing. It was all for a good cause as this Fairlane is so entertaining our eyeballs right now. Thank you for your service!

  2. windupkitty

    I know what you mean about “orphan cars” and the models you have a re so gorgeous, it’s ridiculous!

    Fords aren’t collected the way Chevys are and they are cheeper to get your hands on though and this honey was looking pretty good! I’m pretty sure it’s a ’56. Of course, I obsessed about her all evening and then did what I”m not supposed to do and started looking at cars online. That’s when I found this little sweetheart and boy is she the right color:

    She’s listed everywhere on all the major sites and on ebay too. The price sin’t bad, but she’s been Dr’d up in some funny ways :( The ac vents in the dash are a crime against humanity. But she does look good on the outside. I wouldn’t turn down owning her!

    I stepped on a rock and my damn leg went out. I still can’t really feel my left leg which is why I don’t dance anymore (unless it’s with a partner so he can hold me up if I fall!) and I set it down funny sometimes.I haven’t fallen in months, but it happens. And it’s equally funny and upsetting. So awkward to fall on your face when you’re an adult! And ya know what the weird thing is?! Not one person offered a hand or asked if I was ok. I thought that was nuts. I would have been straight over to help if I had seen it happen to someone else. There was a guy sitting on a bench just staring at me, so I brushed off my pants and bowed said, “Sorry, that was my last trick,” and walked away. What’s the world coming to?!

    • Allee Willis

      That salmon and white Ford you found is a honey! But as someone who knows from experience, you need a whole lotta money to take care of these babies. And i would never advise getting one as anything but a second car. Money pit is an understatement, unless you know how to work on them yourself. But she’s a beauty and the color is perfect.

      Screw those folks who didn’t help you up. Karma will get them. Maybe when they topple off the side of a mountain. And as for leg problems, you know I’m an old hand at that! Tho so far not both top and bottom halves at the same time time. But totally debilitating so I hope your gams are on the mend. I truly live to be bionic.

  3. windupkitty

    I know, having an old car is pretty stupid unless you’re 1. rich 2. a mechanic 3. have a shop where you can work on it. But yeah, sure would be nice to be all those things and drive a honey like that on the weekend!

    Hahah…I know, I just thought it was weird that no one helped. I get that it’s funny and awkward to witness it, but I still would have at least asked if the klutz (me) was ok! It’s probably already on youtube with a header like: Hilarious Face Plant. Not what it should be which is: Person Falls and Bystanders Lack Empathy at Sociopathic Level

    I’m fine. no big deal, but I did feel like crying about 5 minutes later, which is hilarious! Why the delay!?! It’s not easy to fell your body declining, but hey if you’re old enough to have it happen, you’re one of the lucky ones! That’s how I see it anyway…